Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football Photos

I have had some parents and players ask me about football pictures. I would like to offer a variety of things. Please bare with me as I haven't done this before.

WEBSITE If there are just a few photos you like I would encourage you to order them ala carte off the website. It is a secure site and they will be mailed directly to you. You can also order novelty items off the site too such as buttons...etc...

DVD of Photos with COPYRIGHT I would reccomend this to anyone who would like a variety of photos. The cost of this is $40.00. There are two ways to pick photos. You can go to my gallery, sign in and put the photos that you would like in your Favorites. I can see those and can then put those pictures on a disc. OR if you don't want to go through I can - just tell me your players name and number. Then, me and Austin or Ethan will go through and find them. Ethan is amazing at picking out a player by his cleats. :)

POSTER COLLAGE Choose up to 1o of your favorite action shots (Or you can email me some of your own and I will create a poster which is 16x20.)

This is $45.00. Copies are $30.00 and an 8x10 copy is 16.00.

You can purchase a disc for 25.00 with the purchase of the poster if you are interested.
Here are a few samples. I don't use a template so not all posters will be the same.
Does this all make sense to you? Please let me know by November 12th then they will be ready by November 26th. I accept, Cash, check or paypal.

All of the photos can be viewed on line if you go to the right hand side and where it says Portrait events - hit go then you will see all of the Football photos. I am still in the process of uploading. I wasn't able to go to all the games. But if you remember seeing me at a game and it isn't listed - email me. Maybe I forgot to upload them. :)

Please email me if you want to order or have a question. Ktmihalak@gmail.com