Monday, June 23, 2008

Sonya and Brian....hee hee

What a happy, happy day. :) I was sooo happy to be a part of Brad and Sonya's big day.
I have a feeling that this picture of them with their doggie will be the big one above their mantle.
They went to the reception on a horse-drawn carriage. Very classy. :)
I love this picture. Look at the guys peeking at her. (And look at the big smile on Brad's face as he looks at his bride. :)
Two words...proud mama.

The coolest bridal party in Bradford.

This picture cracks me up.

Aww father and daughter dance.

I took this picture in the reflection of a building we were driving by. (I probably should have been paying attention to my driving but I thought it would be a great pic!)

Instead of traditional favors they gave out Livestrong bracelets in honor of their loved ones who have battled cancer. What a cool couple.

And last but not least, Tim. He is Sonya's shy brother. Gotcha.