Monday, June 23, 2008

Sonya and Brad (Austin's Pictures)

I was really happy to have my son, Austin along to help me with photos for Brad and Sonya's wedding. He did a great job. I knew he would because he "sees" moments. :) I was very proud of him. Here are a few of his favorite pictures that he took and his words..

I like this picture because of the way they were looking at each other.
I took this picture but my mom colored the cake.
I got a good angle on this shot of Brad giving her the ring.

This is after Brad and his mom were crying. Don't feel bad Brad, I will probably cry when I dance with my mom at my wedding.

I love this guy. He is the best. I wish he would have had his hat on for this picture.

This is after Brad and Sonya smashed the cake into their best man's face.

cool bubble picture
The priest blessing them.
I had a fun time taking pictures at the wedding. I would like to do some more weddings with my Mom in the future!