Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jonas Sisters.

Meet Katie and Karliegh.

Well, maybe they aren't the Jonas sisters but they are as close to being the sisters of the band Jonas Brothers as possible. If you are going, "Who are the Jonas Brothers?" Then look here. This is their fan site that with the help of their father, they created for the Jonas Brothers. Katie and Karliegh Santry of Girard, PA. Since launching their site last March, their lives have become everything Jonas. They have met them and get front row tickets to many of their concerts. They travel the country bringing updates of the Jonas Brothers to all of their fan club subscribers.
So anyway, I took Katie's Senior portraits and she and Karliegh came back to see me for some more pictures to send to Popstar magazine. (The equivalent to my generation's Tiger Beat or Teen Beat!)And from what I understand, they will be writing a column each month discussing all things Jonas. And perhaps one of these pictures will be published in the magazine. It is amazing how crazy people are about the band. And something even more remarkable is that Katie and Karleigh even have fan clubs dedicated to them because they are so "in" with the boys.

I am happy to report though, that despite their brushes with fame, they are still down to earth and very sweet. :) At one concert, they even got to meet Erie's own Pay Monihan. He brought his daughter to a concert and was seated near Katie and Karliegh and had a chance to catch up on some Erie Pa talk!

I don't think that this is the last that we have heard from the Jonas er..I mean Santry sisters!