Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Day of School

I wasn't sure that I felt like getting my camera out today to take pictures of the kids getting on the bus or not. After all it wasn't a landmark year; no one was moving on to the next building or starting school for the first time but I did it anyway.

So, Austin and Kyle went on their merry way to the bus stop to meet up with Cody. Nothing eventful happened. No one missed the bus due to oversleeping so that was a good thing.

Then it was time for Ethan to head out. It seemed like just yesterday that I put him on the bus to send him to Kindergarten and now he is King of the school as a fifth-grader. Jessica is in fifth grade too - so this is an end of an era...after this year we are done with the Elementary School. I am not a mom of small kids anymore.

So, I didn't think much of the big day until I got an email from my friend Mindy and she sent along this picture of her son on his first day of Kindergarten and it made me cry! What a big day for him and what a big day for her.

I think that we sometimes feel that we are so tethered to our kids and we swear that we can never do anything alone. Although we love being moms it seems like we will never get a moment's peace.

Then that big yellow box pulls up and takes our babies and one day you look out and they aren't babies anymore.