Monday, June 8, 2009

Things have been busy - I have been a bad blogger!

Oh how crazy and wonderful and insane things have been at the Mihalak household. Our oldest Kyle has graduated from High School. Very bittersweet! This is my favorite photo from the day. It makes me LOL all the time.

I have been busy with weddings, still doing senior portraits for the class of '09 - and I am just finishing up with the invitations and announcements for this batch of seniors and am gearing up for a busy class of 2010 season.

New changes are coming this summer. I have hired some people to help me out with the customer service end of things. I know that I am hard to get a hold of sometimes and please know that i don't mean to be.

For example it is 1:31 and I am answering emails now and am catching up on things. I have time to call right now but people don't want me to call at this hour. So if you get a call from Charity - please don't think that I don't care enough to call you - I am just finding it hard to fit it all in! (and besides - you will love Charity!)

And speaking of people who will be helping me - in addition to Charity - Liz is also someone you might be seeing or hearing from on my behalf.

I took her photos with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and i need to address something. They are not engaged! LOL They have been dating for 2 years and Liz's mom wanted to do something nice - since Liz is quite the shutterbug she is never in any pictures with Kris so her Mom thought it would be a nice gift.

Not that a future engagement wouldn't be nice - but for now - no engagement. It is good to know how many people read my blog. People just assumed couple = engagement and they were congratulating them and their family! I will be sure to clarify that next time!!

So, anyway, I am going to continue to update my blog now.

Have a great summer!