Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to choose your senior portraits.

Many people have a hard time choosing which photos they want.

So, I have created this "guide" To help you out.

1. Get a piece of paper and a pen.

What size photo do you want for your yourself of your child. Senior portraits are very special and an Art Piece might be for you. Try a Canvas Print or a gallery wrap.

A 16x20 is a nice size too.

I have found that 11x14's are our most popular choice for the parent's picture and that they can be made to look larger if you buy a frame with a mat.

You may also want to consider a "grouping"

Grandparents usually get 8x10's or 5x7's.

Write down the name of your grandparent and look through your photos to see which photo would be a good match for each person.

Next are Aunt's, Uncles, Godparents, Special Friends, Etc.

Write down each person's name and usually this group gets a 5x7. If they REALLY like your child maybe consider an 8x10.

These are handy for your senior to give to his/her friends and also for all of your family as well. People usually get at least 48. They come in increments of 4 if you order online and increments of 16 if you order through me.

A folio is a great way to display more than one photo and is very popular to set out at your graduation party. You can choose 8 photos. 6 portrait style (going up and down) and 2 landscape (going back and forth.)

6. Invitations.
Personalized photo invitations are a great way to showcase your photo with information on your upcoming party. Many times you can cut back on your wallets by incorporating a photo on your invitation. People LOVE to get these! I will soon be writing a post about how to help design your invitations.

7. ORDER You can use your worksheet to help you order your photos online or you can call me or email me and I can order them or we can get together.

So, I hope that this helped you out. If nothing else you got a good chuckle at my senior portrait.