Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cooper Allen Smith

I wanted to share this DVD tribute that I made for Suzie and Ron Smith.

Let me go back a little and tell you that last year I had a little contest. I was giving a year full of pictures to the first person to have a baby in 2008. Suzie entered and she and I were talking back and forth and she was really excited because she knew that she was one of the closest due dates to January First.

Well, she gave birth to Cooper Allen Smith on January 7th and tragically he passed away on January 9th. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and sadness.

Suzie's sister took lots of pictures in that short time in the hospital and if you watch the video you can see how precious they are.

Her husband was stationed in Iraq and he didn't make it home in time. He was home for the burial and funeral and had to leave to go back a very short time after that.

I have thought about them all year and was so glad that they gave me the opportunity to put this together for them. After working on this project I know that Cooper will always be in my heart.

It is amazing how a precious little baby can make such an impact in such a short time.

Big hugs to you, Suzie and Ron and I just know that 2009 is going to be YOUR YEAR!

You can read more about Cooper here