Saturday, November 1, 2008

NW Senior Night

It is late and I am tired but I wanted to post some photos from tonight's game. What a heart-breaker. We lost 15-7 but I was so proud of the boys. It is clear that our coaching staff, lead by Coach Shaw cares more about the boys than what is on the scoreboard at the end of the night. These pictures say it all.

Roy "The Wall" Ramey.

Poor Angie Shade - she couldn't hold it in - her daughter Kayla's senior night.

This is Cody Krahe. Ethan, my son the waterboy got in the car tonight and told me that after the game Cody came up to him and his co-waterboy, Bryce and said, "It has been a pleasure having you two as part of our team this year." It was right after the game - he could have been mad - he could have just been too busy but he took the time to make two 11 year olds feel special. I will always remember Cody Krahe for that.
Will gives his daughter Hillary a kiss. Hillary sang the Star Spangled Banner and it as usual was just awesome. She said that her future plans include winning an Academy Award. I believe she will!

The Plucknett's. :)