Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a way to start a season!

There sure was a lot of excitement on Albion's Rogers Field last night. After going through an entire season last year without a win, our boys won their first game under the direction of our new Coach, Aaron Shaw.

I will never get tired of watching Coach Farver freaking out on the sidelines.

Everyone did great but as long as I live I will never forget Hunter Jones, a freshman going out the field for his second play on a varsity team. Kyle Maio catches the kick off hands it off to Hunter and he runs 80 yards for a touch down. It was awesome! We are so proud of him!

Although Kyle Pierson didn't get to play - he did a great job cheering the team on and was really really excited at the end of the game and celebrated by throwing himself on Maio.

If you click on this pic of the crowd you can play I Spy.
1. My parents
2. My in-laws.
3. Someone I did a wedidng for.
4. A woman my husband goes to see every 3 weeks. 5. Someone who only has girls but loves football. 6. A couple who just welcomed a baby girl to their family. 7. Someone who got kicked off of doing chains on the sidelines last year. 8. A National ATV racer. 9. Someone I took sr portraits for. 10. Someone who is married to a ATaxidermist.
Fun huh? I should go make better use of my time now!
Can't wait til next week when we face the Tigers!