Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bill and Jen's wedding

Wow! What a wedding! It was so full of such nice touches. It was wonderful for them but on a selfish note it made for some great photos! Here are just a few but I will post some more when I get more from my assistant, Rachel. I know that some of you boys in the wedding party will remember her! It was a great day - I am always happy to work with Jerry Ricci and his wife Tammy and their assistant Ken from Rememory Video. If you are planning a wedding - check out rememory video. Jerry also provides an awesome DJ service as well. I highly reccomend him and his team.

The bouquet was created by It's Flower Time in Albion. Peg does great work! :) That purse was given to Jen by a girl in Africa. I didn't get the whole story but Jen was in Africa for some reason ( I bet it had to do with nursing) and she gave a young girl her clothes and the girl had nothing to give her so she gave her her purse. :)

Um....someone from the catering company misjudged where the ditch was so well - this is the result. Since I seem to be plugging everyone involved with the wedding perhaps I should find the mechanic's name who fixed the car. :)

Jen sang "From this Moment" by Shania Twain to Bill. It was just beautiful. She has an amazing voice.

This is Bill watching his bride sing to him.

Jen's Mom came in to grab me for this photo op - the flower girls waiting for the ceremony! :) Too funny!
There are just so many pictures - I can't wait to share the rest of them with everyone! Lots of special moments.

And finally to finish off a perfect night, Jen had a surprise for Bill and for their guests. She hired a local firework company to set off fireworks. It was truly amazing. And somehow Bill truly had no idea. :)
P.S. It just so happens that it is my husband's firework company. If you are interested you can email us at