Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alyssa and Rick's wedding.

Alyssa and Rick decided to get married on Friday the 13th! :) What a riot! They are a really fun couple! The wowed everyone when they entered the reception and danced their "first dance". They learned how to ball-room dance and it really was amazing to watch.

Rick started out doing his "Husbandly duties" by rubbing Alyssa's feet when we all got on the trolley. The flower girl is watching. Yes, sweetie this is how a husband should treat his wife. :)

Oddly enough this isn't the first flower girl to show me this pose. (I don't ask for it either!)

I was happy to work with DJ John Gallagher again. He did something really fun. Instead of having the bride and groom kiss when someone beat on a glass he would call on a couple and they would have to kiss and Rick and Alyssa would have to duplicate the kiss. Well, one adventurous couple did this - so being the good sports they were they did it too.... How funny! I also got to work with my favorite videographer Jerry Ricci from Rememory Video. He does amazing work and also offers a great DJ service as well. Jerry has helped me by referring many wonderful brides to me and for that I am very grateful!! Thanks Jerry!

I really liked this shot of Alyssa dancing with her Daddy. I got a good shot of her pretty hair too!

Speaking of her Dad, check out this shot of her Dad on the trolley. What a sport!
I liked this perspective of the cake. They didn't cut it right away so I got to get a shot of it with a piece cut out of it. :)
Thanks for letting me a part of your day Rick and Alyssa and best wishes for a happy life together!