Sunday, February 10, 2008

My tribute to Bob Wright.

Tomorrow I will be bidding a final farewell to Bob Wright. Bob is the father of my best friend since first grade and also my former boss. (He fired me by the way - but we won't get into that!)
I would post some of the dvd tribute that I made but I failed to mention to the Wright family that my DVD's consist of about 100 pictures and they gave me 350. Which means that the DVD was the longest tribute I have ever made at a whopping 32 minutes. (My average is 11 minutes) Anyway, youtube doesn't allow video clips to be over 10 minutes so online sharing is out of the question on this one!
But if you will humor me I would like to share some of my favorite pictures and stories.

#1. This is Bob and my best friend at her wedding. Due to the fact that we had so many pictures, when I was working on the DVD my husband said, "Boy he liked getting his picture taken didn't he?" And I said, "Ya, Bob was a handsome man and he knew that about himself!"

#2. So when my husband was watching the final DVD with me - I was all teary-eyed and to make me laugh he said, "That is Bob asking Santa for more handsome cream."

#3. I love this "family picture" It is so precious. Sorry, Carri you weren't in it yet but that is okay, because we all know that you were his favorite. And Robin you weren't a very good Lays Potato Chip spokeswoman - you didn't turn the bag over. That is why you never made it in the commercial actor career you so desperately wanted. Robin and Shelly - you look so much like your daughters!
By the way Bob looks like Tom Selleck in this picture. Am I right?
#4. I just love this picture of Bob and Bobby. They were playing with a racetrack. I want to go back in time and squeeze Bobby's cheeks.

Probably the greatest story of Bob's life is the love that he had for his wife. I love this picture because look at the way he is looking at her. He simply adored her and she adored him right back. Their 36th anniversary was Tuesday and he passed away on Friday.

Rest in Peace, Bob.


Julia February 11, 2008 at 12:47 PM  

What a wonderful tribute Katie - You truly are a natural at capturing these times. Please send my love & thoughts to the Wright Family!