Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Morales.

I just returned from the wedding of Katie Beall and Andres Morales. It was an amazing day and I feel so privileged to have been a part of their day. It was simply beautiful and my heart is full!

I keep getting teary-eyed everytime I look at this picture of Katie. Is she beautiful or what?

Katie's Dad, Malcolm made everyone laugh when rather than giving a nod or a simple "I do" to "Do you willingly give your daughter to this man?" He said, "Go get 'em Katie" It was a riot.

Do they look like a happy couple or what?

The Morales family is from Costa Rica and it was very nice during the ceremony - Andres' brother interpreted the ceremony for their family. :)

Katie's bridesmaids wore costumes representing the seven countries which Katie has been a missionary to. It was really something and definitely something special.

Although Andres and Katie are going to be Missionaries, a very serious field indeed, they are not without a silly side. A characteristic that will draw people to them wherever they go.

I have never seen a groom do this before. He was flying through the air. It was so funny.

Look at this cake! Katie's friend Heather Fails made it!

It was a big hit!

Katie grew up at WLD Ranch. Her parents run the ranch and this is where their reception was! I was lucky enough to spend a summer working at the Ranch the summer before my Junior year of High School. A lot of really great memories there and today one more was added!


Joseph and Christy January 10, 2008 at 2:15 PM  

Anna (Katie B. - I mean Katie Morales' mom) and I (Katie's brother-in-law) just looked at the pictures here and loved them! We're looking forward to seeing more of them once their available on your website. ~Joseph