Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Church Ladies

Missy and her girls came in for some Christmas pictures! They are all so beautiful!

Missy looks great!

Kasie (I know that I am probably not spelling her name right!) Anyway, what a beauty she is too! I took her photo before and I said, "Gosh you are so pretty, you look like Farah Fawcett!"
She said, "Thanks....who is Farah Fawcett!?"
That didn't make me feel old at all.

Miss Kinsie is just growing up so fast. She is in middle school and i can hardly believe it. She is so pretty.

Look at this little cutie pie Taylor. She is a little model! She was striking poses left and right!
I always catch a glimpse of her Grandma Dorothy in her.
Merry Christmas Church Ladies!